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Supported a comment by Kay Hummel on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Kay Hummel
Please redesign the site plan with more simplicity to meet customers’ true needs. Substantially downsize the northern entrance plaza along River Street and move the building north. A smaller plaza would allow retention of The Cabin, which plays a vital role in the cultural district. The proposed 20,000 sq.ft. outdoor plaza is not useable at least 7 months of the year, whereas other Library functions are needed year-round. There is adequate green space with the 2 rooftop outdoor gardens and other open space indicated on the west side. While the design is initially exciting, I urge reconsideration of truly necessary library functions vs. some community “priorities” listed. For example, a “connection with the River” does not merit top priority when there is abundant access to the Boise River at many nearby locations. Our Library’s two highest functions are library services and space for the Arts and History Dept. Focus on these functions, and proper design will follow. Likewise, I am unclear on the necessity for ‘maker spaces.’ Given the under utilization of Jump’s maker spaces, this is a head scratcher. Adequate parking and auditorium space are the next highest functions that must be designed for, again more vital year-round than a cement-clad plaza (which also will be too hot in two summer months, essentially a baking, reflecting desert). Citizens are not excited about paying for more outdoor gathering spaces when the Downtown core provides ample outdoor sites nearby – Julia Davis, Ann Morrison, the Grove Plaza, and Jump.
Supported a comment by Christine King on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Christine King
Oh, I so agree! I really hope The Cabin stays put, but I don't think City Hall considered either the structure or the literary center's future when they contracted with the architectural team.
Supported a comment by Pamela B. on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Pamela B.
While moving The Cabin would be better than not saving it at all by moving to a new site it may lose some of it's historical value. Plus, this can jeopardize the building’s placement on the National Historic Register. Since the only thing going into that space is a plaza I don't understand why The Cabin can't just stay in it's original historical location.
Supported a comment by Carole Whiteleather on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Carole Whiteleather
Forgot to explain my reasons regarding The Cabin. As the former Director of Education for The Cabin, I must stress the importance of the location for one of the most dynamic programs, Summer Writing Camps. Students need the access to nature, the museums, zoo and downtown for the various writing assignments and camps in which they participate. When we re-designed the camps from a small three week window to a full summer of offerings, many more students have enjoyed this opportunity. Moving The Cabin could be detrimental to this wonderful experience for kids. Thank you for your consideration of my comments.
Supported a comment by Maria Eschen on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Maria Eschen
Agree! K. Kustra is correct! The Cabin needs to be incorporated, not moved. Simple reason for me: I served on the board soon after the millennium and worked to raise funding (quilt sales, etc.) for remodeling and expanding the historic building for ADA compliance. This included adding a 3-level elevator (about $80.000) so folks like my younger sister and Marilyn Shuler and many others could enjoy this remarkable public building so close to the Library.
Thanks for listening,
Maria Eschen
Supported a comment by Theresa M on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Theresa M
It is too big. Do NOT move The Cabin. That is an important and living part of the City’s history and fabric.