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February, 2019

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I'm in favor of moving the Cabin and the new design, here is why... I am a supporter of the Cabin organization, and love what they do for the community. My kids have taken workshop classes there. My wife has taught classes there and was even a member of their board for a period of time. But I fully support moving the building. Parking is always a nightmare. The building itself is not what makes it valuable to the community, it's the organization behind it, and appears the leadership of the Cabin is in full support of moving the cabin to more favorable location. I love the new library design. The current main library is a dinosaur. I like how the City found creative ways to fund the project without having to raise taxes. I believe many folks who have concerns about the project now, will ultimately be extremely happy and proud of the new addition to our awesome city. This is the type of growth I love to see, because I believe it only enriches our community.