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January, 2023

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Commented on Redmond Town Center 2 months ago
There is already plenty of access to the mall and surrounding areas by parking
Commented on Redmond Town Center 2 months ago
Parking is not a need for Redmond right now. There are park and rides at nearby Marymoore and Redmond Technology stations.
Commented on Redmond Town Center 2 months ago
There is more than enough parking on the link extension.
Commented on Redmond Town Center 2 months ago
If you're worried about traffic, it is short-sighted to advocate for large parking lots, which only induce driving. There are enough park-and-rides along the link extension. Downtown Redmond is practically the only new stop in the area to be planned without a new parking structure, and it needs to stay that way
Supported a comment by Jonathan M. on Redmond Town Center 2 months ago
Jonathan M.
Yes, the two best local examples are the Village at Totem Lake and University Village. The best case would be to get as much of the parking underground or into structure as possible in order to allow for an enjoyable pedestrian experience once people have arrived, regardless of their means of transportation.
Supported a comment by Esteban Hernandez on Redmond Town Center 2 months ago
Esteban Hernandez
I believe we should reduce parking, cars take up too much space, and drivers post high risks to pedestrians. I often see near miss incidents that could have been catastrophic. The traffic is also a growing concern in the downtown. We should create more infrastructure for public transit and prioritize living in downtown for those who do not need to commute via car. Ideally shutting redmond way would create a safer space for pedestrians and induce more interest for people to visit or enjoy going out. Also having more diversified businesses in mixed used buildings to reduce the travel distance for certain necessities. Redmond has no right calling itself the bicycle of the northwest if it doesn't incentivize bike usage in the city, no protected bike lines and limited bike trails that only go around the downtown areas. It only dares call itself that is because a lot of people use cycling as a expensive hobby as a alternative for transportation. We need action now and no longer lengthy studies and discussions about next moves, those with the decision making ability only make decisions based on protecting their own and their friend's investments not about the great good or using the vast amount of resource to take a chance and creating something new.