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July, 2020

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Hey, I'm going to try and go through this as quickly as I can. Main entrance, visit very often, student gathering space, definitely cleaning supplies, but things that connect it more to the environment they’re around, not just specifically Peterborough but other areas where the students are from. Study spaces to have separate rooms that are quiet spaces not just to have one section of the library considered a quiet space. Students need to study so definitely that would benefit them. Outdoor spaces I use very often. Amenities that attract me to outdoor space would be more information on the different plant life that’s actually around the campus. Outdoor shelter space, how often would you use it? All the time. I definitely think that’s a good idea, to do a covered space, 100%, have more than one of them. Have a smoking one, have a non-smoking one. Hope you guys do well with the feedback and keep improving the school.
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Yes, I'm concerned about what will happen in front of 1300 Crystal Drive condominiums. What is planned for that? It is unclear by looking at the photographs that I have received. I hope it's more dog-free and has more trees. Anyways, I just need to understand better what is being done with that green space directly in front of 1300 Crystal Dr.
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Hi, this is Elaine McLaughlin, I just wanted to say I saw the livability project the other day, it's very good. One important comment that I want to make about the Aurora Highlands Park is that the baseball fields next to the River House have sound issues. The River House acts like an amphitheater so any noise that goes on in that ballpark that's about a certain level will just reverberate to the whole neighborhood. For example, on the Fourth of July, they had a band with speakers pointing at the River House, and the noise could be felt for several blocks away, in my house with the windows shut, and my friends up on the ridge also were finding the music quite annoying. So please give consideration to the sound issues for the area with the baseball diamonds and that would also include the dog park. If they can put fencing around the dog park like at Fort Ethan Allen to help baffle the sound so that dog barking will be minimized, that would be great. Thank you.
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Short feedback- we don't want a dog park, we don't want the ball fields. Thank you so much.
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