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December, 2020

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Commented on Innovation QNS 2 years, 8 months ago
There ate some really good comments I have read. RevItallizing Steinway Strip . Why do we need. development close to transportation. When we have it already. I still say developers will win out in the end and the public will be the loser. As long as developers get their taxpayer funded tax breaks we lose right there. This company is avoiding saying. If they are getting TAXPAYER funded TAX BREAKS. BEWARE. VWHAT YOU WISH FOR. .
Commented on Innovation QNS 2 years, 8 months ago
I will believe it when I see it. Indo not teyst developers sorry. Developers have top much money to ruin neighborhoods as they did to mine and. Got those taxpayer funded tax breaks from CUOMO. Did you get the tax breaks also?
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Commented on Innovation QNS 2 years, 8 months ago
I believe it will benefit developers only. Affordable usually is not affordable.NYC formula for area is combined including rich areas for rent guidelines. This project if approved is about. 10 years from completion. Never trust developers to get you jobs or green spaces. Instead pf Yuppie Rock climbing how about basketball courts or baseball / softball field. Not that near subways especially in colder weather. I live in overdeveloped Long Island City along Jackson Ave There are now million dollar apartments in my area. Where is the affordability in $2,400 a monthnfor a studio or $5,000 A month for a 3 BR ? Do not believe these developers The tax breaks they get will sustain them to keep expensive. Rentals empty as 60 pctbate now. Maybe turn their building into a homeless shelter As The verve luxury building. Near queens plaza LIC ate a npw looks like Manhattan with skyscrapers all over and construction all over. Overdevelopment without planning does not work and LIC is a testament to that. Do not let the developers ruin your ate a as they did mine. I am anode long LIC residentl who has been to Steinway many times. It is sad how far down Steinway has come.. Stores like Robbins and S&A stores are gone but needed again. Pizza shops seem to be closing. Along with other small businesses. Ypu will get all high end stores no jobs and high tents beware. Younwill get some open space to open you up to the project.