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September, 2020

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Supported a comment by Mich G on Grand Street Commons 1 year ago
Mich G
All too often ground floor retail rental space gets eaten up by businesses that really do nothing to improve/drive community vibrance, or act as a real attraction to the community/wider public. See dentist, law office, gym, Verizon store.... While some services are indeed helpful to the community it would be great to see these prime ground floor spaces prioritized to protect the plaza from the deadzone effect places like the above can create. Not much value in a dentists office being on the ground one is drawn in by seeing others get their teeth drilled or intrigued by a place that ALWAYS has its blinds closed. Without any real draw or wider invitation for people to visit and utilize/energize the space, it will probably remain avoided. Without real attractions to draw people INTO the plaza, green space and play areas will get under utilized. Care should be given to what business can fill the ground floor space. It should be reserved for unique retail that is of actual interest or real convenience for the neighborhood. Local or POC owned businesses that can also reflect the culture of the surrounding community would be a huge plus. Hard to assess or make distinctions of what would be convenient, interesting, or community building,  but for the love of god, please don’t rent all the ground floor spaces to offices or gyms, etc... stuff like that can go on another floor... this plan annoyingly already looks like it has a large amount of office space planned.
Supported a comment by Carol W. on Grand Street Commons 1 year, 1 month ago
Carol W.
Perhaps some permanent structures for the seniors to use as exercise?
Supported a comment by Carol W. on Grand Street Commons 1 year, 2 months ago
Carol W.
100% agree with you. I have seen many senior citizens who live in the apts at 23rd running through traffic on Rainier which always scares me. The little side street by Toshio has caused some issues as well. If people going north on Rainier don't use their signals and take that slight right to turn onto Mass Ave and you happen to be waiting to take turn onto Rainier it can be very confusing and somewhat dangerous if two cars were to simultaneously come at the same time.
Commented on Grand Street Commons 1 year, 3 months ago
I like this idea too... a lot of the apt buildings only have bookable event spaces for residents, but it could be nice for holding community social events or meetings about developments like this.
Supported a comment by C McAfee on Grand Street Commons 1 year, 3 months ago
C McAfee
Perhaps a community room for meetings that can be used for gatherings and/or events that the tenants would like to schedule for their families and/or community celebrations.
Commented on Grand Street Commons 1 year, 3 months ago
I think at Grand and Rainier it would make sense for a pedestrian crossing to be added across rainier so people can to the bus stops in both directions from the development. On 23rd there's already a cross walk by those bus stops at Massachusetts, so it's less of a need for one to be added there in my opinion. I'm not sure what type of treatments specifically would be needed, but likely ensuring visibility for people crossing and a stop light for cross traffic? Also for cars, turning left across traffic anywhere on rainier that doesn't have a light is very difficult, so if you expect cars to be able to exit left from Grand, the city may need to install a full traffic light signal there for the increased traffic. The other option I guess would be at State St since the parking entrances are on that street, but I see less of a need for a pedestrian crossing there.