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January, 2021

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Supported a comment by Dianne Plantamura on Royal Crest Redevelopment 4 months ago
Dianne Plantamura
What is your plan for provision of electricity for the people who will live there and the shops? Please consider solar and geothermal. The Merrimack Valley has had enough natural gas disaster!!
Supported a comment by G. Martin on Royal Crest Redevelopment 4 months ago
G. Martin
It would be nice if it included a community garden.
Supported a comment by Diana Kiesel on Royal Crest Redevelopment 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Diana Kiesel
Mediterranean, Italian and healthy options for lunch like salads.
Supported a comment by Diana Kiesel on Royal Crest Redevelopment 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Diana Kiesel
Dog friendly space
Supported a comment by G. Martin on Royal Crest Redevelopment 4 months, 3 weeks ago
G. Martin
Massachusetts will soon be adopting new building efficiency requirements as well as requiring all new cars to be electric within about a decade. This redevelopment should go further than just meet the current efficiency standards. Well within the lifetime of this redevelopment, all new buildings will be carbon neutral. Recent studies by the Massachusetts DOER have shown that there is relatively little or no upfront additional cost to make buildings carbon neutral, and a carbon neutral building will cost much less to operate. I hope that you will consider the longer term advantages of making the buildings carbon neutral by exceeding the current building code efficiency standards and by installing solar panels on the building roofs. Additionally, the infrastructure for electric car charging stations should also be put into the initial construction as this will be required in the future.
Supported a comment by Lee Bluemel on Royal Crest Redevelopment 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Lee Bluemel
This project could gain state-wide attention as a first NO-GAS development, a perfect response to 2018 Gas Disaster!! This would mean using geothermal and solar for power- NO gas. Could be outside money for that. Other no-brainer features to attract green-minded people and help NA meet its Green Community goals: recycling, composting, water conservation, non-toxic building materials, carbon-neutral building (allows NA to opt in to net-zero with MA climate roadmap.) Parking areas that are underground or that utilize solar panels on top. Plenty of EV charging stations. Grounds that are managed without use of chemicals and pesticides (need to use native plants, study cities and towns that do organic management.) A grocery store on premises would allow for people w/o cars to live there and those with cars to use them less for small errands. A branch of a LOCAL bank. History and natural history panels along walkways to educate residents about the MV flora, fauna and history and give them a deeper sense of place and connection/dedication to place. Maps about local attractions including nature spaces and cultural spaces. Signs in Spanish as well as English-- perhaps Hindi as well? Signage should reflect linguistic diversity of the Merrimack Valley as a signal of being more cosmopolitan, bi- or multi-lingual, and welcoming. Satellite office for Town Hall/public school business/library?? Forgot to add earlier- independent yoga/tai chi studios and/or outdoor area for such classes to be held.