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December, 2021

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I come from, a website populated by planners, real estate agents, Toronto citizens and overall city building enthusiasts. A member of ours ,Alex Bozikovic, wrote an article on the globe and mail about East Harbour. Having looked at the meetings and the plans and reading over 90 comments of concern residents on that article, I think the development team should take a serious look at it. These are 90 comments - whether negating or not, are important to recognise that the masses expect better from this development. Read the article and listen to some of the comments! I also strongly urge the team to read/summarise comments written on the UrbanToronto East Harbour thread - There are overall 66 pages of overall discussion and these concerns and ideas on social media sites and articles also count as feedback and cannot be ignored. here is the link to the Urban Toronto forum:
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