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February, 2023

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Supported a comment by Mike Galos on Redmond Town Center 4 weeks ago
Mike Galos
The question is not what can be improved but what can't be lost as the site increases non-retail use and adds height. The lost of light must be a prime consideration as must be the need for sufficient parking for both the retail and the office tenants. If you lose either one you could end up with an underutilized office space with yet another dead mall.
Supported a comment by Stephanie Ceesay on Redmond Town Center 4 weeks ago
Stephanie Ceesay
How clean and friendly it is. I love the water feature. People gather around it. We like live music during the warm months. We love how festive it is during the holidays.
Supported a comment by Tom S on Redmond Town Center 4 weeks ago
Tom S
No need to reinvent the wheel. Go to Totem Lake and downtown Woodinville. See the vibrant and lively crowds, shops, restaurant, and bars. Make RTC like that and people will come and happily spend their money. Would also be great if you support connecting Marymoor Park and RTC with a pedestrian bridge over SR520.
Supported a comment by Michaela Gray on Redmond Town Center 4 weeks ago
Michaela Gray
Redmond City Planners should tour the various wine districts in Woodinville, particularly the School District Winery, so see what creative, fun and functional development looks like, instead of continuing the endless construction of boring 6-7 story towers aka apartment buildings with zero character.
Supported a comment by Vince DL on Redmond Town Center 4 weeks ago
Vince DL
add more outdoor seating areas w/ fire pits, heaters. Add flowers and lights. Get inspired by "The Village at Totem Lake" in Kirkland.
Supported a comment by Cami Keyes on Redmond Town Center 4 weeks ago
Cami Keyes
Great, but we do not live in Europe, we live in Seattle. Not everybody is close to light rail and many people will not take light rail or a bus to go shopping. There must be enough parking. Whether it’s a parking structure or underground or combination, if you want people to come, enjoy the restaurants and shopping, especially from outside of the downtown core, it is so important there is enough parking. I believe that height and density needs to be offset so that we see light at street level, being in the northwest it isnSo important that we have access to sunshine around the year. Setbacks as height grows, and narrowing of buildings, allows for this. Avoid creating the dreaded canyon effect that so many heat in our area.