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January, 2019

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Commented on Winchester Master Plan 2030 4 months, 2 weeks ago
And even if the town could afford it, where would it find the open space?
Supported a comment by Susan Busher on Winchester Master Plan 2030 6 months, 1 week ago
Susan Busher
I hope the imperative issue of the largest "Light Industrial" property area is addressed. Winchester residents believe acres of industrial property is in Woburn with no idea it is their Town.. When recognized, the attitude towards abutting residents is condescending and targeted for 40B.. Previous Master Plan drafts and comments of residents speak of a Town that Cross St/Holten St/East St. area do not know. The Triangle Plan addressed us. The Town ignored that plan and us. Many homes were here before 1970's commercial growth. Business expansion is the goal of all businesses. Unleashed with no oversight. The Town allows commercial development with no environmental laws to protect against industrial noise, odors, all night tractor trailer trucking. The Town takes no responsibility for the incompatibility and conflict it created between residents and businesses. Resident complaints not obvious because demographics of life long residents now elderly, first time home buyers who buy lower values to move on and do not know, even fear, complaining to authorities, who explain no laws to enforce against the nightmare they created. Residents give up. HELP US. Put us in the Master Plan. We are Winchester too. If you need the neighborhood(s) to speak up to, let me know. I can organize, but we are so tired of organizing to beat a drum that Town Officials refuse to recognize we are part of the orchestra.
Supported a comment by Susan Busher on Winchester Master Plan 2030 6 months, 1 week ago
Susan Busher
The 5 way intersection of Cross St., Holten St., East St., Lowell St. dangerous to cars and pedestrians. Daily, huge tractor trailers accessing industrial properties drive over school bus stop curbs and small island. Cars regularly enter Holton on wrong side of island. Cars heading up Cross enter East St thiniking slight turn is a continuous road.. Streets w/o sidewalks, curbs, and too wide intersection are dangerous for pedestrieans,, ever Increasing to sport venues, hospital lot, lunch walkers. Limited by choice due to danger. Long recognized by Engineering Dept. Residents do not answer as other less dangerous roads addressed.
Supported a comment by Heidi DiLeo on Winchester Master Plan 2030 8 months ago
Heidi DiLeo
I would like to see a robust plan to develop commercial revenue for the town. With increasing student enrollment every year for the last 10 years, more residential development with school age children are draining the budget. We need more senior housing and development of commercial areas to bring in revenue to support our town. Without a good revenue plan, it will be very difficult to continue to ask for overrides.
Commented on Winchester Master Plan 2030 9 months ago
There is currently a fields master planning process. Will this become part of the larger master plan?
Commented on Winchester Master Plan 2030 9 months ago
Access to the hiking trails throughout the Middlesex Fells is a great Winchester asset.