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January, 2022

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Supported a comment by John Melin E on Leefort Terrace 7 months ago
John Melin E
I commented earlier that the first proposal for the Settler's condos was for tall brick style buildings and the neighbors protested vigorously that it did not fit the neighborhood. The redesign is what you see there today. A worthwhile compromise. Salem is a historic city and you don't build large apartment building in a residential zone. It destroys the character of the neighborhood. Across the harbor at Tuck's Point in Beverly it was the same design problem. They started building the brick building and the neighborhood protested and the compromise was the grey shingle style condos that are there today.......
Supported a comment by Ellen Kozik on Leefort Terrace 7 months, 1 week ago
Ellen Kozik
This is a residential area, you cannot build a commercial style building here. The residents in the area don’t want it, and I believe you should stick with a similar style building to what exits now! Adding 100 to 150 new vehicles is unacceptable. The congestion it would cause on such a small street is unthinkable. Please reconsider your choice to built a monstrous building here. I’ve lived at Lee Fort Ter for over 10 years and hope you consider the disruption of the neighborhood this will cause.
Supported a comment by Richard Stafford on Leefort Terrace 8 months ago
Richard Stafford
We met with the Regenesis Group on two occasions, including a walk of the surrounding neighborhood. Sadly, none of our concerns appeared in their presentation, and the story of place doesn't sound like the place we've lived in for the last 37 years. If public housing has been underfunded and starved of funds to properly maintain the homes and community that have been developed over the last 70 years of the Leefort Terrace community, then the solution is to provide the necessary funds and fulfill the public's commitment to affordable housing. The solution is not to privatize public housing.
Supported a comment by Richard Stafford on Leefort Terrace 8 months, 1 week ago
Richard Stafford
Interesting that only people who agree with Beacon's proposal are being invited to become more involved in the project planning and engagement process - but not surprising.
Commented on Leefort Terrace 8 months, 2 weeks ago
I've read the proposal; I've sat in several meetings at kitchen tables; I am an extremely strong supporter of affordable housing. What I am NOT in favor of is two behemoth buildings that don't fit the neighborhood and serve to alienate the residents as "other" in those buildings. Get 123 units by configuring a lower profile set of buildings over more space--2 floors above the parking garage for a total of three floors.
Commented on Leefort Terrace 8 months, 3 weeks ago
With the tremendous influx of cash as well as political will for true low income housing units from the Federal and State governments, there is no excuse for privatizing this project. There is money coming out of Washington in firehoses. It's up to the local governments to think creatively how to use it, instead of doing the same design they've always done.

The size of the proposed structures not only affront the current residents and surrounding neighborhoods but also make a travesty of what was supposed to be an inclusive discussion with the residents in this area. Knock two floors off the high rises (and yes, they are high rises in comparison to the rest of the buildings for miles around them) and put some of the units in some of the green space the designers are insisting on. We don't need Caprini Green, we need respectful and affordable housing.
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