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March, 2016

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Supported a comment by Ray Hurteau on 500 Talbot Avenue 4 years, 10 months ago
Ray Hurteau
I'm sure the developers understand that Argyle is a one way street and there would be a traffic flow conflict from Arglye to Talbot and the other direction. Specifically, see how all vehicles park on Talbot in front of 516 to 502. They are facing the church as this is the normal flow of traffic. But this conflicts with the flow of traffic from Argyle. I would like to see what any proposal looks like before it gets approved. I am a direct abutter of the project and have concerns about traffic flow and accessibility. I am 100% against using the current no parking center area as future parking. A few years ago it was being used for that purpose (before they added more lines to show it was a no parking zone). The snow removal was atrocious and often, people would park there and never get towed. That caused additional issues including accessing our building. I am open to using a smaller portion of the space for a parklet or to formally add more on-street parking (going around the existing curve of the curb). Please let us know when there are proposals of what it could be before things get implemented. Thank you!
Supported a comment by Dan Rubin on 500 Talbot Avenue 4 years, 10 months ago
Dan Rubin
As a direct abutter, I am completely against adding parking where the current lined section of the street is. We fought with the city years ago when that space was used as parking to add the dashed lines. It was a complete disaster in the winter. People would not move their vehicles even during snow emergencies and plows could not navigate around ultimately piling snow in the middle of the street causing all kinds of manueverability issues for fire, trash and delivery trucks. Would love to see a plan for what a parklet may look like, but would have the same concerns with that as well.
Supported a comment by James Jay on 500 Talbot Avenue 4 years, 10 months ago
James Jay
I know it's likely been pursued already (and likely been shot down due to the city being difficult), but really push to get the lined-off section of street in front of the building included in this project. If there's anything the public can due to get that piece of street turned into a park, let us know how we can help.
Supported a comment by Fred OConnor on The Shawmut Project 5 years ago
Fred OConnor
Yikes, Sean. That's not a positive attitude. Abutter or not, this development effects my neighborhood and I'm going to continue expressing my opinion, whether it's here or at the neighborhood association meetings.
Supported a comment by Bryan Bryson on The Shawmut Project 5 years ago
Bryan Bryson
It's his neighborhood too. Yes, in the short term, the abutters might be directly affected more than others, but this is a neighborhood and the decisions that are made, as you said, affect us all.
Supported a comment by Fred OConnor on The Shawmut Project 5 years ago
Fred OConnor
This is the second developer who was unable to build housing at this site. We're now stuck with a garage instead of much needed housing. Folks have to compromise, whether it's on parking, unit affordability or density. When we can't give up something, we get nothing.