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March, 2018

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I also live on Elsinore Street (14 years as a renter, outbid on an offer I placed about three years ago on a home), and am seeing the change take place in this neighborhood as several houses over the past few years have sold to developers, who in turn build a "McMansion" that in no way complements Concord's history or historic vibe, while taking up a good deal of land, and driving up the cost of for all homes in the neighborhood significantly. The cost of a 1000 sq. foot home is now roughly 700,000, making it impossible for many (including myself) to own in this neighborhood, or Concord in general. Even rents are sky high. E.g., 1 bedroom 688 sq. foot apartment in W. Concord for $2,300 plus utilities! Concord is no longer affordable to the middle class (unless you earn so little income you qualify for affordable housing). On a happy note, the house next door to my building was torn down, as the owners are rebuilding with "green" in mind. :-)