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July, 2020

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Supported a comment by Jason Sagebiel on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Jason Sagebiel
Who does one talk to about being a part of the project? As the founder of a local music school, we'd be interested in collaborating.
Supported a comment by Olivia L on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Olivia L
How is this development accounting for the additional stress on infrastructure and resources, increased demand on electricity, water, and transportation? The area of the development is currently our local movie theater, a mix of large and small buildings, and businesses that service automotive needs. There is already space for small businesses - see all the empty storefronts along Steinway Street. There is already additional housing stock in Astoria. Just because a swath of land is not bubbling with shiny new glass buildings does not mean that it is under-utilized or under-developed. There is a such thing as over-development, and this project is a prime example.
Supported a comment by Roxanne Earley on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Roxanne Earley
It would be great to have a full picture of what you mean when you say speaking with our neighbors. Current participation privileges folks who want to speak out in a comment section, take to twitter, or are on the Community Board (from last weeks presentation) and future participation via scoping and ULURP is biased towards folks who are comfortable (and able) to give testimony either in person, or written to the CB, CPC, NYCC etc. I'd really value a clear understanding of what your outreach strategy looks like, where and with whom you are gathering, and how these conversations shape outcomes etc, and I know my neighbors would too. Are there focus groups, are there committees/subcommittees? Who is representing and claiming to speak on behalf of members of the community? Participation is only meaningful if we can understand what it looks like, and if the final product is actually different as a result of it and I think it would be really helpful if that was laid out so we knew what to expect in terms of how we can engage here! Also, can you please post copies of the PAS here once filed?
Supported a comment by Roxanne Earley on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Roxanne Earley
Flexible floor plates that allow for a variety of uses and models but also commitments and delivery on below-market rate rents for new small businesses. Legal and enforceable mechanisms should be part of this- either through restrictive declarations or other tools. Anchor tenants should be able to deliver a variety of goods and services that are useful to the entire community and at affordable price points for the community. Majority of ground floor commercial sfage should be for new ventures, and smaller businesses.
Supported a comment by Jenn Z on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Jenn Z
I hope so. This is disgusting for our neighborhood and I had no idea this was happening until my friend just told me tonight. Despicable. Build up this neighborhood with what we have. No more houses are being built on condos and co ops reprehensible
Supported a comment by Macartney Morris on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Macartney Morris
this is a mini Hudson Yards that would transform one of the last remaining affordable parts of Astoria left. I understand why the landowners and landlords want this horrible, but no working family or tenant would want this to happen. This is disgusting and we'll fight you just like we fought Amazon.