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Atlanta, GA


May, 2016

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Commented on King Memorial Station TOD 3 years, 4 months ago
Will there be bike lanes added on the surrounding streets?
Supported a comment by Naomi Darrell on Avondale Station TOD 3 years, 7 months ago
Naomi Darrell
I appreciate that steps to use the bridge at the station are being constructed however this doesn't help ones in wheel chairs or mothers with baby strollers.
Commented on Avondale Station TOD 3 years, 8 months ago
Glad to hear there will be a new staircase in the near future, although it doesn't sound like it will help folks who can't climb stairs.
Supported a comment by Simona Platukyte on Avondale Station TOD 3 years, 10 months ago
Simona Platukyte
Looking forward to the new development and especially to easier pedestrian access to MARTA from the Derrydown side, but the BRIDGE CLOSURE IS A BIG INCONVENIENCE AND SAFETY ISSUE. While the altered bus route may improve safety for some, it is still not a viable option for many others and does not address fundamental walkability/safety issues for south-side riders getting to the north side without vehicles.

Are there any plans to improve Sam's Crossing (College + Arcadia) for pedestrians? Currently, it is difficult and dangerous to cross that intersection from the SE corner to the NW corner (to get to the north side of Avondale station). (And forget crossing from SE corner to NE corner - you technically need to cross the streets three times because there is no direct cross walk!). Pedestrians must wait a long time for the traffic signals to change and even when they do, drivers typically do not yield. I've had to wait two and three signal cycles (in the cold) to be able to cross safely! Can't imagine doing this in a wheelchair or during dark hours. If viewing the situation holistically, seems like this would be an excellent opportunity to IMPROVE SAM'S CROSSING INTERSECTION to "compensate" south-side users of MARTA and ultimately improve connectivity/walkability between neighborhoods.
Supported a comment by Amanda C. on Avondale Station TOD 3 years, 10 months ago
Amanda C.
Wondering if there will be any official communication on access to the bridge. I live on Derrydown Way and commute by MARTA daily. While there is tape placed over the stairs and various entrances, I notice they are cut, as people continue to access the bridge to get to the station. Is the bridge officially closed now? How will the message be relayed? Also, I was unawre at how close your bulldozers would be to the Derrydown Quad properties. Your bulldozers are already shaking my building, so uncomfortably close. As all the trees are now cut down, will you place a buffer between this property, the construction site and College Avenue?