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February, 2019

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Commented on Newton Riverside Visioning Process 10 months ago
There is a commuter rail line that goes from Brandeis to porter square. Parking at Brandeis costs $4/day and then CR cost but then you can walk to Harvard square or take the red line to Kendall. A long costly trip. But it works and still requires a car and lots of time
Commented on Newton Riverside Visioning Process 10 months ago
Also incorporate the view of the people who may one day live in this Riverside development. How would they feel when they are unable to get out of this development to go somewhere because the one or two roads in and out of the development are completely blocked up with traffic, especially of baseball game days or rally days or sport championship parade days. It's already not working. How would adding 1000 new Riverside development residents to the mix? Yikes!
Supported a comment by Vin Shelton on Newton Riverside Visioning Process 10 months ago
Vin Shelton
The "mitigation plan" involves getting cars *into* the site, NOT out of the site
Supported a comment by Nancy Finn on Newton Riverside Visioning Process 10 months, 1 week ago
Nancy Finn
Hi folks who cares if other towns have developments, we are talking about Newton. As a resident of the Lower Falls village, I care what happens to it.

Comparing Newton to other towns along rte95/128 is not ideal.

There is no development in Waban, Newton Center or Chestnut Hill or West Newton Hill. Why? Because people involved with this proposal live there.

There are a few streets on the east side: Belmore Park and Longfellow road that are in Lower Falls. Also lower falls goes up to the woodland station including Newton Wellesley hospital that are in Lower Falls. So there are residents that live on the other side of the highway. Some of the woodland golf course is in Lower Falls. too. If you do not live in lower falls and Auburndale then you should not be involved in this vision process.
Most developments in Needham industrial park are zoned commercial and do not have residential neighborhoods right next to them.

We need to Rightsize Riverside as we only get one chance to develop it.

Sadly I find this visioning process seems to ignores the village concept and is more toward the developer Mark Development. A sad day for all villages in Newton.
Supported a comment by Ken Stern on Newton Riverside Visioning Process 10 months, 1 week ago
Ken Stern
Yes, Waltham, Wellesley, Needham & Weston do all have large commercial developments along the highway. In all cases, the residential sections of the town ends where the commercial section begins, and there is no further residential section on the other side. Needham and Wellesley have parts of their town on the opposite side of the highway than where most of their town is located, but that portion is entirely commercial.
In Newton, Lower Falls was already somewhat cut off from the rest of Newton by the highway. Whats left of the connection will be virtually severed by putting an enormous commercial development
Supported a comment by David DD on Newton Riverside Visioning Process 10 months, 2 weeks ago
David DD
Infrastructure first! Embellishments later!