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March, 2022

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Supported a comment by Arthur D on 440 Arden Way 1 year, 2 months ago
Arthur D
We live on Woodlake Drive directly across from this looming monstrosity. We will see this beast from our beautiful 1960’s bungalow front window every day. It is horrifying that this is being dumped in our neighborhood. Woodlake, which was featured by Preservation Sacramento, is the crown jewel of Old North Sacramento. It is an historic neighborhood and should be protected from reckless development like this. It is crazy this is even being allowed. Woodlake is a quant English village full of historic homes, most of which date between 1910 and the 1960’s. Woodlake home prices range from 600 thousand up to a million or more, this is not a cookie-cutter residential neighborhood. A five-story building in Sacramento’s most beautiful suburban residential park is insane. There is not another five-story residential building anywhere in North Sacramento. There is barely anything over two-stories and yet you are putting one here in the historic Woodlake neighborhood park, that is nuts. Del Paso Boulevard is where low-income development is needed and justified. It has the Art Deco style you are claiming to emulate. But there is nothing Art Deco or appealing about this atrocious structure of concrete, metal siding, and glass. Enormous address numbers in a font that looks vaguely Art Deco-ish "lipstick on a pig" will not transform this blocky institutional looking building into something appealing for Woodlake or North Sacramento!
Supported a comment by Elaine J on 440 Arden Way 1 year, 3 months ago
Elaine J
Not Paying Park fee's diminish the Park Space in the Community. This is the 3rd proposed project with no Park Fee's in this area. You are diminishing the Quality of Air and Life for the People who already reside here by Building this Project. You are not being a good neighbor to our Community. We need more Park Space. Not a 3rd Project with no Property Taxes Paid or no Park Fee's. Stop this Project Now. Greed is creating poor Quality of Life for our Community. Do a Better Job. Make this Project 2 stories only for Senior's. They need Low Income Housing. We need Facilities for Seniors here.
Supported a comment by Stuart Gow on 440 Arden Way 1 year, 4 months ago
Stuart Gow
Dave C’s comment is accurate. At this community meeting Bridge needs to be honest about the number of occupants and vehicles. This is not SF and our light rail and bus system is limited here so more occupants will own vehicles than in other Bridges projects. Bridges care-less responses regarding the out of control and dangerous traffic conditions this building will create need to be addressed.
Our community needs housing but this is a for profit scheme to collect 99 years of rent while exploiting public land and draining public funds and resources.
These issues all need to be and will be confronted in the open at this meeting.
Supported a comment by Dave C on 440 Arden Way 1 year, 4 months ago
Dave C
At five stories tall on a little more than an acre of land this project is to big. With a planned 220 bedrooms that could mean 660 occupants by current maximum occupancy standards. To think that at least half of these occupants won't want to own a car is crazy. Thats 330 new cars to the neighborhood that simply can't handle that influx. You need to rethink the scale of this project to realistically fit in this physical space. It should be no more than two stories in height to fit in with the surrounding neighborhood aesthetics and should cater to elderly and disabled housing recipients with associated services for that demographic. The parking, traffic and safety concerns related to the size of your project are too great to sweep under the rug.
Supported a comment by Stuart Gow on 440 Arden Way 1 year, 4 months ago
Stuart Gow
Developing the armory as an expansion of the park to maximize access for the surrounding neighborhoods would make the community better. The proposed housing will take from the community not give. How will the Armory restrict vehicle ownership to only 67 vehicles? How many guest parking spots will there be? Otherwise the apartments will take all the park parking away from the community. How will the developers mitigate traffic backing up at the light rail crossing? If traffic backs up and there are guest and tenant cars on both sides of Oxford then the communities main access in and out will be useless and will result in traffic being forced through a neighborhood with inadequate roads to accommodate the increase safely. With other apartments being development all around the community traffic score already threatens to drop to an F rating. I’ve yet to hear a reason that shows any benefit these apartments will bring to North Sacramento.
Supported a comment by K.B. Redman on 440 Arden Way 1 year, 4 months ago
K.B. Redman
You have not said how you will restrict vehicle ownership or provide adequate parking. Public transit is great if you are going downtown at regular commute hours. How will families shop for groceries on public transit? And the LAST thing we need is ANOTHER convenience-liquor store!