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May, 2022

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Supported a comment by Neil Mens on Future of the Peace Fountain 1 month ago
Neil Mens
The smiles of Families strolling together, Beautiful Gardens, The Belle Isle Carillon playing music, benches to sit awhile, The Downtown Detroit Skyline in the distance, freighters passing by, fog horns, patient then excited fishermen, Children running as the wind catches the spray of the fountain, The changing colours at night, the power of the water fountain shooting high into the air, The thundering sound of the water droplets landing on the river, ice cream cones with friends on a summer’s day and come winter, the ice bergs clinking as they bump into each other floating down the river.
Supported a comment by Myra Horwath on Future of the Peace Fountain 1 month ago
Myra Horwath
How the people step up when someone needs help.
Supported a comment by Dianne R on Future of the Peace Fountain 1 month ago
Dianne R
I am glad that the peace fountain is continuing to be a part of our community. Change isn’t always embraced because people get used to seeing an iconic symbol. I think updating and modernizing the fountain will be amazing so that many generations can enjoy the fountain just as I have for the last 40 years!! Coventry Park is my go to place to have a breathtaking view of the sunset. I realize that it may not be be possible; however if the lights on the fountain (without the water) was operational in the winter, it would be a beautiful place to have a winter walk with lights for the holiday season. The park trees could be decorated for a beautiful place to take a stroll.
Supported a comment by Charlotte Loaring on Future of the Peace Fountain 1 month ago
Charlotte Loaring
I envision a future peace fountain to appeal to all peoples, from a land or water perspective. A large-sized fountain would maintain its role as a recognizable landmark. I would love to see it "well-lit" at night - the coloured lights over the years have always brought me pure joy. A fountain that allows for "change" in terms of varying design while operating would peak interest, and encourage the values of versatility and adaptability. When I think of a particular shape that means PEACE to me, I think of a circle, and the unity that it symbolizes. Lastly, if there are ways to allow for the fountains operational usage over a broader time-frame (i.e., earlier in spring / later in fall), I feel any attempt to lengthen its season would be a good thing to strive for.
Supported a comment by Cat Turner on Future of the Peace Fountain 1 month ago
Cat Turner
Family or solo walks to the Peace Fountain are the highlight of hot summer nights in Windsor.
Supported a comment by David Brooks on Future of the Peace Fountain 1 month ago
David Brooks
In 3 years from now Windsor will have a brand new Gordie Howe bridge, a refurbished Tunnel, and potentially a new Peace Fountain. Wow!! Where else has this kind of investment being done in North America??