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Supported a comment by Richard Heath on The Residences at Forest Hills 5 years, 4 months ago
Richard Heath
To Criterion Development I think you are running a well organized project in the throes of the Casey Arborway. I'm not a resident of Orchardhill so my opinion is based on only occasional observance each day. But I think work work is going well.and on time It has been just two years inset I first met the development team. Richard Heath Bourne St
Supported a comment by Timothy Reardon on The Residences at Forest Hills 5 years, 4 months ago
Timothy Reardon
The 300 commuters who formerly used the LAZ lot represented less than 2% of the 15,150 daily boardings at Forest Hills (http://www.mbta.com/uploadedfiles/documents/2014%20BLUEBOOK%2014th%20Edition(1).pdf, page 16). A 2008 passenger survey (http://www.ctps.org/data/pdf/studies/transit/MBTA_Passenger_Survey/Orange_Line_Volume.pdf - the most recent available) estimated that more than 50% of people getting on the Orange Line at Forest Hills arrived at the station by bus (page 127). 30% walked to the station. Park and ride was only 12.8% of total boardings. Putting more mixed income housing near the station (25% of the new units will be low/moderate income) and speeding up bus service through dedicated lanes will allow more people to access the Orange Line.
Commented on The Residences at Forest Hills 5 years, 4 months ago
I live on Lennoco (at the end of Orchardhill) and I saw the new sidewalk patching this week, it looks great!
Commented on The Residences at Forest Hills 7 years, 1 month ago
Thank you for sharing the latest update, however, it contains no information on the status of the project as relates to commuter parking. Many people are concerned about the lack of parking for commuters, which is in high demand in this area. Please provide more information about how you will address this problem.
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Supported a comment by Alyssa Soares on The Residences at Forest Hills 7 years, 3 months ago
Alyssa Soares

I would like to further support Margaret's comment as she was not referencing parking for tenants but those who currently use the parking lot for commuting purposes. The reasoning you provided to Jeb that commuters would choose lots further away & increase time on public transit or even move to Forest Hills does not address the issue and frankly seems evasive. Commuters are already using public transit by parking close to the T stop & commuting from there - I think this would only encourage, as Margaret suggests, parking in non-resident zones, or driving all the way into the city, thus eliminating the "environmental benefit".  Rent prices in the JP area are continuously increasing, so it seems unlikely to me that many would relocate from more affordable areas based on this given the difference in pricing further from the city.

I would also like the know the proportion of affordable income housing that will be provided in these units - or what planning/consideration is going towards that - and if there will be some form of in-person community meeting scheduled to ensure this new development would meet the needs of families and the community as a whole. I appreciate this online forum for responses well before this project is set, but it is not the most accessible for the entire community.