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December, 2015

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I have wanted to purchase this land since I purchased my home at 235-237 Minot- I am the house directly in front of the lot of land, It was always told to me that is was not for sale. There are MANY animals living on that land, raccoons, possum, squirrels, not to mention mice . These animals would lose their homes, where will they go?  I do not want to see a house built on that property that would be sitting in what I consider my back yard. Any structure built on this site would take away the little bit of greenery left in this section of Dorchester. I also know there is no hydrant on Minot Park, so if there were ever a fire in the building the fire fighters would have to run hose right thru my backyard to fight fire. I don't believe anything being built on that lot would be an asset to this city, or this neighborhood, and especially the homes adjacent to the lot.