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Supported a comment by Cairns Deleway on Engage East Harbour 2 days, 14 hours ago
Cairns Deleway
Nightlife. Young people in Toronto want more options that don't close so early. A way to keep East Harbour afloat past 5pm is to bring in a wide range of bars, clubs and cultural options that go through the night. Knowing Torontonians, I know noise is going to be a concern, so look at ways venues can reduce noise through insulation or certain design elements. We have to remember we are in a large city, a noise is inevitable. We have lost over a dozen music venues because of the pandemic, it is at a dire situation for us in the music/entertainment industry. The cultural industries are the hardest hit industry and it expected to take the longest to recover. Ensure East Harbour can accommodate a large number of these types of establishments to position Toronto as a competitive place to 'have fun'. Unfortunately, Montreal is the cultural capital of Canada... but East Harbour should seek to challenge this. Retail should be unique, focusing on shops that you wouldn't normally find in other retail districts downtown. Perhaps local designers, or international designers looking to open a staple Canadian location. Please ensure Live music and live performance is engrained in East Harbour's DNA, as well as give opportunities to artists/buskers being pushed out of Toronto.
Supported a comment by Oliver Turner on Engage East Harbour 2 days, 14 hours ago
Oliver Turner
Parks, restaurants, cafes and a grocery store will all attract people to the area and inject life and local energy into the new development. Do not repeat city place, where uninteresting, chain stores and fast food did not create a culture people wanted to stay in (initially they all headed north to Queen/King).
Supported a comment by Marcel Parsons on Engage East Harbour 2 days, 14 hours ago
Marcel Parsons
Entertainment use.
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