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Commented on Main Library Campus 2 years, 12 months ago
It's a big modern building, so why not make it a little taller and incorporate some floors of parking? Please do whatever redesign is necessary to preserve The Cabin is its current/historic location.
Supported a comment by Cathy Silak on Main Library Campus 2 years, 12 months ago
Cathy Silak
Parking will be a problem and will adversely impact nearby uses such as the Boise Art Museum and the newly rebuilt Idaho Museum as users vie for spaces. Additional plans for offsite parking will need to progress at the same pace as building the new library.
Supported a comment by Carole Whiteleather on Main Library Campus 2 years, 12 months ago
Carole Whiteleather
Forgot to explain my reasons regarding The Cabin. As the former Director of Education for The Cabin, I must stress the importance of the location for one of the most dynamic programs, Summer Writing Camps. Students need the access to nature, the museums, zoo and downtown for the various writing assignments and camps in which they participate. When we re-designed the camps from a small three week window to a full summer of offerings, many more students have enjoyed this opportunity. Moving The Cabin could be detrimental to this wonderful experience for kids. Thank you for your consideration of my comments.
Supported a comment by Jeff Fereday on Main Library Campus 2 years, 12 months ago
Jeff Fereday
It would be unfortunate to remove The Cabin from its current site. This 1930s-era building is part of the visitor's welcome to the City on Capitol Blvd, and is an icon for the locals. Its log construction echoes the Capitol Building itself, with its log motif at its base. It announces Boise's concern for history, and for our frontier roots. Joint Library-Cabin programming obviously would be aided by leaving it in place. It does not significantly impair the view of the river and instead anchors a point in Idaho's past and in Boise's commitment to literacy. Again, a highly compatible purpose. Please leave The Cabin in place. The City has undermined meaningful public input by failing to include The Cabin in any rendering or as an option in the model. The new building should celebrate, not simply discard, this venerable building. Both parking and Cabin preservation could be enhanced by shrinking the proposed library plaza on the north and perhaps rotating the building clockwise (or slightly re-designing it) so as to create more parking space to the south of the BioMark building and more setback for The Cabin. I recognize that an off-site parking garage probably will be necessary, but I urge the City to plan for public transit in and out of this area and consider that option in this design. The new library should invite, not stand as a barrier to, mass transit in the Boise area.
Supported a comment by Theresa M on Main Library Campus 2 years, 12 months ago
Theresa M
It is too big. Do NOT move The Cabin. That is an important and living part of the City’s history and fabric.
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