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February, 2023

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Someone who lives close by
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Aaron Ames
Please prioritize green space and add trees. We dont need more endless concrete. And make it walkable.
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Great idea, railway arches would also bring some character
Supported a comment by Cairns Deleway on Engage East Harbour 11 months, 2 weeks ago
Cairns Deleway
Maybe something emulating Borough market in London can exist at east harbour station (as borough is also underneath a junction of a railroad). The marketplace could be underneath the Ontario line overpass and be an all-in -one marketplace of greenery, arts, clothing, music, and food! There are many smaller format retailers selling vintage clothing and doing pop-up markets in the summer with mixed fare such as live music, food events and cultural events. Many of these organizers are on social media and connecting to young audiences, but we also see many pop-up events catering to everyone in the summer in areas like vacant parking lots. This kind of contribution would create a vibrant public realm/walkable district and also be a contribution to the community.
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This is one of the last blank canvases we have downtown and the East Harbour Team should look to where we have made mistakes in the past. Liberty is soulless and oriented around a parking lot, which is a mistake hard to remedy. The office buildings around cheery beach look nice but there is nothing warm or inviting about them or the area in between them. It’s also dead on the the weekends making it hard to attract businesses. You should think about how you can create an environment at the street level that is not going to be designed around glassed, box like retailer spaces dominated by chains like the rest of the city. Think about maximizing green space and making the streets feel more like Queen west or King west - less glass more brick, stone and wood. Thinking about the after work crowd that don’t want to relax at a chain (Jack Astor’s, Boston Pizza) and something more like a pub that has patio space in the summer and that is in the sunlight. Think about the weekends and what would attract people there. It’s a big challenge but please use the mistakes the city has made to guide you and the great streets the city has to offer inspire you