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May, 2020

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Supported a comment by Rosa C on Manchester Transit-Oriented Development Plan 8 months ago
Rosa C
Put in a commuter rail. We want to be able to visit Massachusetts and Maine via train.
Commented on Manchester Transit-Oriented Development Plan 8 months ago
We are losing railroad landmarks at a frightening pace in Manchester - I've noticed several disappear in this year alone - and it seems that we are getting down to a very few recognizable landmarks of the Boston & Maine Railroad in Manchester. The railroad was absolutely vital to Manchester's rise and growth. Unfortunately, these plans seem to point towards the destruction of the brick control tower, MA Tower, constructed in 1950 by the B&M. It is one of the only railroad structures left standing in the city. While these plans are great for urban development and access, they would already swallow up most of the historic railroad yard; it would be an eternal shame to lose more recognizable signs of the railroad heritage of this area in these buildings. We already lost the grand passenger station way back in '62 to great public outcry. I am sure the Manchester Historic Association and we at the B&MRRHS would be able to discuss a solution that would not foresake important historical legacy for modern progress. I would appreciate outreach at rickkfoury51@gmail.com to discuss what may be done to save these structures as a physical testament to the railroad men who helped make Manchester mighty. - Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society