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Supported a comment by Paul F on Engage East Harbour 6 months, 2 weeks ago
Paul F
You need to focus on the at grade portion of the development - public realm, retail formats, etc. Far too many mixed use developments in Toronto feature anonymous, large format retail and podiums that lack personality or any defining character. Focusing on retail that includes smaller format, varied ceiling heights (the City’s retail standards create standard retail), architectural variation across small sections of retail, etc. Look to existing, mature and successful neighbourhoods for inspiration, not suburban style development in urban areas like East Bayfront or newer developments along Yonge St. Focus on creating a neighbourhood, not a collection of buildings.
Supported a comment by Matthew Hill on Engage East Harbour 8 months, 1 week ago
Matthew Hill
Hi, project will be stronger if the hertage industrial elements ofthe soap factory and the associated building just east of the soap factory are retained. You want a mix of new and old buildings. Clearing the site of these buildings will make the development a lot less interesting. Retaining the industrial heritage buildings will make the project stronger by creating visual interest.
Supported a comment by Paula Virany on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 4 months ago
Paula Virany
Is it the Manhattanization of Toronto or the Strip Mall-ization of Toronto?

Cadillac-Fairview's plan is to destroy all heritage buildings on the site. It would be illegal for them to do that, however the Ford government passed legislation that allows destruction of heritage buildings via MZO's (a very aggressive, undemocratic approach.) It led to public demonstrations when the government moved to destroy the Foundries Building. Luckily demonstrators stopped that.

There are three beautiful old brick buildings on the East Harbour site. They are the Unilever building, 433 Eastern and the old Consumers' Gas company building at 419 Eastern. These buildings must be kept intact or incorporated into the new design. It is the history of a city that gives it character, charm and ultimately liveability.

Policy makers often explain that Toronto is going through “Manhattanization” i.e. it is becoming a large, dense city. This is accurate, however one of the reasons that NYC is so fantastic is that it's FULL of gorgeous historical buildings, such as the old brownstones (many are now condos) Greenwich Village, the Meat Packing district etc. All these add beauty and charm to NYC.

If Toronto keeps levelling all its heritage buildings this will not be Manhattanization. It will be a soulless mess.

Can Cadillac Fairview serve our great city and country and keep the heritage buildings? Isn’t that their civic duty?

Will these buildings be left intact or be incorporated into the design? As lobbies, parts of buildings or facades?
Commented on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 5 months ago
its more than 20-storeys - First Gulf (old plan) says 35 - 50 storeys - CF new plan is higher as I recall - its on the City's web site
Supported a comment by Rob Hatton on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 5 months ago
Rob Hatton
Good luck with that. They are going 10 - 20 stories higher to squeeze in the extra residential units. Maybe there will be red brick planters.
Commented on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 5 months ago
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