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Supported a comment by Cairns Deleway on Engage East Harbour 6 months, 1 week ago
Cairns Deleway
Maybe something emulating Borough market in London can exist at east harbour station (as borough is also underneath a junction of a railroad). The marketplace could be underneath the Ontario line overpass and be an all-in -one marketplace of greenery, arts, clothing, music, and food! There are many smaller format retailers selling vintage clothing and doing pop-up markets in the summer with mixed fare such as live music, food events and cultural events. Many of these organizers are on social media and connecting to young audiences, but we also see many pop-up events catering to everyone in the summer in areas like vacant parking lots. This kind of contribution would create a vibrant public realm/walkable district and also be a contribution to the community.
Supported a comment by Matthew Hill on Engage East Harbour 7 months, 4 weeks ago
Matthew Hill
Hi, project will be stronger if the hertage industrial elements ofthe soap factory and the associated building just east of the soap factory are retained. You want a mix of new and old buildings. Clearing the site of these buildings will make the development a lot less interesting. Retaining the industrial heritage buildings will make the project stronger by creating visual interest.
Supported a comment by Jason Paris on Engage East Harbour 7 months, 4 weeks ago
Jason Paris
Cadillac Fairview just doesn't get it. Saving the soap factory would at least be a gesture that they understand why people want this area (THEIR AREA) to be successful.
Supported a comment by Paula Virany on Engage East Harbour 7 months, 4 weeks ago
Paula Virany
The destruction of the Unilever Soap Factory has made this site much uglier and robbed it of its initial charm before Cadillac Fairview brought the project. Government officials talk about the Manhattanization of Toronto. But Manhattan has old brownstones, historic museums (the Frick, the Met, and simple things like the Meat Packing District) that give Manhattan a feeling of history, character and soul. It is a sad failure that the Unilever Soap Factory is not being kept in the design in some way -- even if it is just a facade that is kept. The original plans had charm. Cadillac Fairview's plans lack design and instead have a lot of cement. I understand that Cadillac Fairview wants to maximize profit -- that's okay -- I believe in the free market. But if we continue to build without history and charm will we achieve the Manhattanization of Toronto? Or the Calcutta-ization of Toronto? Even modern Kolkata is 40% slum. Don't throw out history. It is the author of the charm and soul of a city. Shame on Cadillac-Fairview.
Commented on Engage East Harbour 8 months ago
One out-of-the box idea, and two more serious ones: Since EH is right at the conflux of the MGT and the Don Valley Trail, include a raised running loop around the whole site that connects with those two trails. Would bring runners from all over the city, and be great for the office workers in the buildings as well to get exercise. There are interesting examples of these throughout the world. More serious: not just affordable housing but supportive housing as well-connect with the great east end organizations working with gender-based violence survivors (adults and children) to provide scattered apartments throughout the residential part of the site, including support services. There is a huge need for this type of housing, especially post-pandemic. And, like others have said, include some of the industrial heritage of the site in the plan. At a bare minimum the water tower should stay, as it's iconic. But also please keep some elements of the existing building structures as these are what provide the site with some authenticity and interest.
Commented on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 9 months ago
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