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September, 2018

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Supported a comment by Bob Bobberson on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years ago
Bob Bobberson
I think they should have studied the traffic along Adams into East Milton Sq. A traffic study based on 2014 traffic patterns and ONLY including Whitwell itself is a joke. Start over.
Supported a comment by Angela Johnson on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 1 month ago
Angela Johnson
For those of us who abut the parking lot on Roselin, we need a new privacy fence installed. The chain link one is old and falling down and with tons of construction and new people, it would be really important to protect the privacy of the residents who are already living there.
Supported a comment by Daniel Gillis on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 1 month ago
Daniel Gillis
I think you need to answer a lot of questions before this project proceeds. Specifically: • What is the anticipated mix between assisted living/independent living/family units? You must have at least an idea of what you think is possible. • You mention 598 units, but what is the mix of studio/1 bedroom/2 bedroom/3 bedroom units? This can make a huge difference in the total expected. If all are 2 bedroom, that is another 1,196 people. Again, you must have some idea of what you want. • What is the target price for rents – is it high-end, moderate, affordable? Is there a mix of these types? Again, you must have some idea of how you want to target the market. • What about 40(b) – are there plans to ofr affordable units? If so, how many? • The traffic study cannot be correct. If you are planning 825 spaces, there is no way it will only generate 163 trips in the morning and 212 trips in the evening (numbers in the documents). Your own numbers estimate that 33% will use public transportation, so that leaves 549 cars that will be in use each day (66% of 825). • Have you considered the impact on the local schools? Since you did not specify your target market, it is hard to tell, but there must be at least an estimate of how many families will live there. Even if ¼ of the units are for families that is potentially 149 units with kids. Can Bernazzani handle another 149 or more schoolkids?
Supported a comment by valerie solimini on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 1 month ago
valerie solimini
i think 598 units is too many for that area. I think 400 is plenty. I also would like to see it rented by 55+ residents, assisting living, and low income seniors. I don't want to see children because the area schools are over crowded now. I am thankful there will be no traffic emptying on Euclid Ave but people will be able to go out that way.
Supported a comment by Jocelyn Sedney on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 1 month ago
Jocelyn Sedney
Adding retail will serve to invite more people and traffic into the area.
Supported a comment by Maureen Tapper on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 1 month ago
Maureen Tapper
Where will the parking garages be located?? Trash collection?? What about the neighbors on Colonial Drive.. 6 story building with a roof top terrace to look into my yard, why not put the larger building in the middle away from the neighborhoods. Traffic and the schools.. Lots of questions..