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November, 2018

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Sure has been quiet. Accountability requires two way communication city folks.
Commented on Main Library Campus 4 years, 1 month ago
Can someone please explain why the city of Boise signed a 45 year lease in 2011 on the property right across 8th St and River St? The library expansion has been on the books since the early 2000s so why did the city give away 1.3 acres to such a long lease? Having this land incorporated into the new library design would alleviate the shoehorn effect and allow space for parking, preservation of the Cabin and the important riparian habitat along the Boise River. This whole library plan needs to go back to the drawing board, because, in spite of the current political climate, use of public funds requires public input and approval. That means open discussion, cost analyses and a public vote on the project. CCDC is not the entity that gets to make up the rules as it goes along anymore.
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Commented on Main Library Campus 4 years, 1 month ago
Of course the Cabin is at risk! The Cabin belongs to the people of Boise...not the literary society that has made the building home for 20+ years... Stop whitewashing this issue. The Cabin needs to stay where it is and the new library design needs to accommodate the historic and VERY local significance of that structure. City of Boise seems committed to the avarice and ambition of developers and their "monetization of things" above any true desire to preserve and protect what has made this city viable. It was the warring factions in past Boise politics that made the downtown a "ghost town" and we are seeing this play out again... the library design is overbearing and the fantasy of Kevin Booer and David Bieter. Lets get some perspective and recognize that the populace is "woke."