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August, 2020

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Commented on Broadway Park 4 months ago
Kevin makes an excellent point. If you don’t live in a close radius to this proposed monstrosity, your thoughts are sure make it eighty feet tall and pack as many people into this space as possible.
Supported a comment by Kevin whalen on Broadway Park 4 months ago
Kevin whalen
A five story building doesn't block lots of sun unless of course if you live somewhere in the radius of the building, If so you lose the winter sunshine that so much of us City dwellers adore , any garden production is kaput, playing in the backyard with the kids and neighbors goes out the window and the ice on your sidewalk never see's the light of day, it never melts and your property value plummets along with your quality of life. And by the way, Profit is at the top, Its rack em and stack em. The apartment building gets the sunshine and the folks in the way get the shaft!
Supported a comment by connie s on Broadway Park 4 months ago
connie s
I'm with you 100%. Why have zoning regulations if you can so easily circumvent them. Why care about the neighborhood when profit is top of the list. And yes, the design is terrible.
Supported a comment by Vivian Yu on Broadway Park 4 months ago
Vivian Yu
Violate zoning regulations + Block sunlight of the existing buildings + overloaded with extremely high density (Not a sustainable) + Cause parking issues + not match the surrounding environment = must reduce height and density = must improve the poor design
Commented on Broadway Park 4 months ago
Robert I support and agree with your thoughts 100%!!!
Supported a comment by Robert M on Broadway Park 4 months ago
Robert M
The proposed building is too large for the corner, despite the apparent precedent set by the Maynard/Fletcher Academy and the George Close building at that intersection. The Close Building was a manufacturing building that was more compatible, in the past, with a heavily industrial and blue collar working class neighborhood. Think Squirrel Brand Candy Co. on Boardman Street, NECCO Candy Factory on Mass Ave at the end of Windsor Street, or Lever Brothers Soap Co in what is now the Draper Laboratory area. These are just a few of the manufacturing companies that supported the residents of the Port. That model does not seem appropriate for a more residential neighborhood that the Port has now become. The notion that the proposed building will not block much sunlight misses the point that it will block sunlight nonetheless. Ask the residents of neighboring houses on Windsor St