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May, 2019

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I am confident that this section of private land will be wisely developed to coexist with the beauty and serenity of the Preserve and FCD land that surrounds it. We live in the nearby Sonoran Gate community and find the surrounding beauty with easy access to nearby trails in the Preserve as the primary reason for wanting to be here. As much as we would like for the private and State Trust Land in this area to remain undeveloped, we knew when the City of Phoenix put in Sonoran Desert Drive and purchased the Sonoran Preserve, it would be unrealistic for us to think that one day people would live here. We are so very grateful that the Preserve land will always be there for future generations to enjoy and we are pleased with the harmonious approach Taylor Morrison is taking with Verdin.
Commented on VERDIN (MacEwen 480) 4 years ago
Sustainable design and habitat preservation
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I live in Sonoran Foothills