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June, 2020

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Commented on Crystal City Parks 10 months ago
I think the "real" southern Gateway Park is #16 on the CCSP - the triangular park area @ 33rd between Route One and the beginning of Crystal Drive - highly visible from both roads. Great place for gateway sculpture. What happened to the colored lights on the poles (and building) - very cool - and visible from Eads! 23rd St Park is not a gateway - not next to Route 1, not that visible from 23rd - it's more of a pocket park.
Supported a comment by Christer Ahl on Crystal City Parks 10 months ago
Christer Ahl
this approach with 3 yes and 3 no per site is not so helpful; we still need to think more about a realistic and cohesive package for each site, given size and location; the elements in each site have to fit together; you awareness of background of spaces such as Metro Market Square (w foot traffic and Farmers Market) and Gateway (important to know what really fits with LBP), and Center Park (a central oasis, between events and large gatherings); also important to anticipate what could fit in 15th St Park and at 2011 and 2345
Commented on Crystal City Parks 10 months ago
Please create a real clear zone along the Water Park - there is no defined clear zone by the park currently, which causes conflict between pedestrians, other pedestrians, and cyclists and scooter riders. We're always running into each other because the space is not defined.
Commented on Crystal City Parks 10 months ago
Can Crystal Park connect to the future Greenway Park? Will these parks be visible to each other? How will people walk to the Greenway park?
Commented on Crystal City Parks 10 months ago
Please get Courbanize to make unique, useful email subject headings! Even adding the number (at the begining) would help. I was not able to find where to add more comments, as mentioned in Update 7 - when I clicked on comments, I was just taken back to the initial survey. BTW - my favorite little park is the linear park behind the ramp that comes down from the airport access highway - it's fabulous! (but I also love Gateway - just the way it is - just add seating)
Commented on Crystal City Parks 10 months ago
Long Bridge Park connection to bike-ped bridge parallel to proposed new Long Bridge RR bridge!! Great connection to DC (and another route to MVT)