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September, 2018

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Commented on Main Library Campus 3 years, 3 months ago
Thanks for announcing the public hearing. It should read "A public hearing on the initiative PROCESS OPTIONS will be held... ." Many of us will be watching to see what the council decides to do!
Supported a comment by M. Thomas on Main Library Campus 3 years, 7 months ago
M. Thomas
Well said! This project requires significant funds that the City does not have therefore causing an assumption of debt, and the people should have a vote on if and how to proceed. Bypassing citizen vote in favor of long-term lease financing is not acceptable!
Supported a comment by Diane Plastino Graves on Main Library Campus 3 years, 7 months ago
Diane Plastino Graves
The election for Mayor, and for McLean, Clegg, and Ludwig is 11/5/19. Recuit and support candidates with another viewpoint. That is the only resolution to all these issues.
Supported a comment by Diane Plastino Graves on Main Library Campus 3 years, 7 months ago
Diane Plastino Graves
I was at that meeting November 27, 2018. There was no “review” or “careful consideration” of those 322 comments. City staff just mentioned it, —and mentioned that 60% of the commenters wanted the cabin to stay in its current location. The Council spent more time discussing the depth of the sewer line near one of the proposed locations in Julia Davis Park than they ever did discussing those comments. In fact, there was absolutely no discussion of the comments. I’m very tired of the city selectively advising the public of information that supports the Mayor and Council’s decisions which don’t reflect a large majority of the opinions submitted to the city by the public. It is a misrepresentation of the facts.
Supported a comment by John Bertram on Main Library Campus 3 years, 7 months ago
John Bertram
Why did the mayor and council sign a long term 45-year lease with Rocky Mountain Development (sub lease to Biomart) on the adjacent city property purchased in 2002 for 1.5 million for library expansion? This 1.3-acre site was selected by CCDC in 2004 as a location for a parking garage. Then in 2011, without the support of the Library Board, the city undertook a long-term lease that locks up the site for 60 years with options. Imagine if the architect had this city land in play there would have been room to keep the CABIN in place and create city owned parking to serve the public.
Supported a comment by Thomas J Beatty on Main Library Campus 3 years, 7 months ago
Thomas J Beatty
Unfortunately, moving the Cabin will have little to no impact on parking. I also love the design, but I wish it had come about as the result of a process that incorporated what our new library actually needed. Instead, I believe the architect was shopping his designs around the country and found a willing buyer in the form of the City of Boise. So Boise then has to adapt to the design: The Cabin doesn't quite work with the preconceived design; No problem: We'll just move it. There's no allowance for onsite parking; No problem: We'll sign an agreement with another developer to tear down a school and erect a parking garage/residential building. But the parking is offsite separated by a fairly busy street, will not entirely be free and it's not even on the first floor; well, you can't have everything. I just wish that instead of trying to fit Boise to the design, that we would design a library for Boise. And the way the project has been structured, we don't even get a chance to vote on it.