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Supported a comment by Andy Smith on Envision Concord 2 years ago
Andy Smith
Concord does own both pieces of land! The north side is Cousins Park, and the other side is Harrington Park. I think it makes sense to connect the two. I think Harrington Park would get a lot more use and appreciation with a connector bridge providing new access.
Supported a comment by Kelly Burrell Roberts on Envision Concord 2 years ago
Kelly Burrell Roberts
This is a fantastic idea! Does the town own the land parcels on both sides of the river?
Supported a comment by Jon Stephenson on Envision Concord 2 years ago
Jon Stephenson
I have two young kids on that side of West Concord who will be eventually going to Thoreau... I want them to be active and consider biking to school but would be extremely nervous about them biking on the main roads. Having a bridge connecting those areas would prevent them from having to bike on busy roads to school... there are a ton of kids in my neighborhood
Supported a comment by Peter Baty on Envision Concord 2 years ago
Peter Baty
Sidewalk on Harrington between Ministerial and Old Marlboro - Sidewalks terminate at the intersection of Old Marlboro & Harrington, and Ministerial & Harrington. The short section of Harrington between is very narrow, has blind turns, and commuter traffic goes very fast. Children from a large neighborhood area (Ministerial-Tarbell Spring- Loring) use this section of road to get to the middle schools and will use to access the BFRT. Should be a "safe route" consideration for West Concord.
Commented on Envision Concord 2 years ago
Our family lives on Harrington, I have 3 kids and would love to walk to Thoreau school and downtown West Concord, but this intersection and the lack of sidewalkson Harrington and anxious commuters that fly by make it an impossible task.
Supported a comment by Peter Baty on Envision Concord 2 years ago
Peter Baty
Intersection of Harrington and Upland - The sidewalk down Upland stops about 100 feet short of Harrington, and does not exist along Harrington (~100 feet) until it starts again at Ministerial. This is a very dangerous intersection (very busy on Harrington), especially for kids. The stop sign for traffic traveling west on Harrington is obscured by trees and cars often roll through.