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June, 2022

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Commented on Engage East Harbour 1 year ago
Someone who lives close by
Supported a comment by Paula Virany on Engage East Harbour 1 year ago
Paula Virany
The destruction of the Unilever Soap Factory has made this site much uglier and robbed it of its initial charm before Cadillac Fairview brought the project. Government officials talk about the Manhattanization of Toronto. But Manhattan has old brownstones, historic museums (the Frick, the Met, and simple things like the Meat Packing District) that give Manhattan a feeling of history, character and soul. It is a sad failure that the Unilever Soap Factory is not being kept in the design in some way -- even if it is just a facade that is kept. The original plans had charm. Cadillac Fairview's plans lack design and instead have a lot of cement. I understand that Cadillac Fairview wants to maximize profit -- that's okay -- I believe in the free market. But if we continue to build without history and charm will we achieve the Manhattanization of Toronto? Or the Calcutta-ization of Toronto? Even modern Kolkata is 40% slum. Don't throw out history. It is the author of the charm and soul of a city. Shame on Cadillac-Fairview.
Supported a comment by Keith M on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 1 month ago
Keith M
Preservation of Unilever site or incorporation of heritage warehouse buildings into design. Preserve elements of the unilever site in design for sure. Go back to plan to tear down Gardiner East and build a wide Lakeshore Promenade most definitely!
Supported a comment by Tyler Walker on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 1 month ago
Tyler Walker
I would also like to see a place built that people could grow old in. We need to move to condos where people can raise a family to keep with this family oriented community. If they are mostly one bedroom and small two bedroom condos, you create more of a transient community who are there a few years and leave without ever really taking care of the place or investing in it because they will move on to bigger and better. Futhermore, this would help with the housing problem as we would create a culture that is more interested in leaving in condos long term. We need that mix and the type of condos that are being proposed are not conducive to that and will not attract people who will care for this neighbourhood for years to come.
Supported a comment by Stefan R on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 1 month ago
Stefan R
Retaining heritage structures.
Supported a comment by Chris Barker on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 1 month ago
Chris Barker
There’s definitely not enough priority on protecting / retaining heritage structures. In most cases, a wall or 2 are kept and soon there won’t be anything left to show what Toronto was. In addition, many of the businesses lost as the buildings they’re in get demolished, can’t afford to relocate and pay the higher rent in new buildings