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Commented on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 10 months ago
Built Form & Sustainability
Commented on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 10 months ago
Someone who lives close by
Commented on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 10 months ago
There are a lot of comments that mention arts and culture, and affordability. I wholeheartedly agree with them. Here is an idea: provide a FREE space to any person or organization willing to set up an event or "happening". Obviously, some organization should manage the space and allocate it according to some criteria: maximum number of days (3, maybe), non-profit nature of the event, and events chosen for their originality, appeal, etc. The managing organization could get the space rent-free in exchange for managing it and making it available at no cost to applicants at least 150 days a year, for ex.
Supported a comment by Hada Santiago on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 10 months ago
Hada Santiago
As a DIY event organizer, it is very hard to find spaces in Toronto to plan any kind of indie events. As a DJ and dancer, this city has long been very hard to sustain people like me. Recently, there was a report released by the city of Toronto: This above link reads " Emerging Entertainment Areas Outside of the Downtown Core" and is a report to action to help structural challenges that people working in the cultural industries face. This is a city hall initiative. For the project team, please read this document - There is also something similar the is the 'Toronto nightlife action plan' Both of these documents cite a lack of space, or barriers that people in these industries face when trying to make cool stuff happen in the city. I strongly, strongly encourage the project team to reach out to these city initiatives considering East Harbour is in many ways aligned with a growing city identity. There are a lot of comments about local businesses and identity and culture in the feedback for this site, and supporting DIY events make it easy for authentic and local entrepreneurs to create unique experiences in a city that larger glossy commercial events cannot mimic. Please be the place to go for DIY events in Toronto, as well as nightlife. Both of these action plans are city of Toronto initiated but please do coordinate with them and learn from them.
Supported a comment by Brian Hern on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 10 months ago
Brian Hern
There’s been quite a lot of concern that this new development is going to feel too corporate and bland. It can be very hard to attract people to visit or stay in a central business district if there is nothing unique or edgy. I encourage you to think outside of the box and get creative with how to make this site a place where people want to stay or visit. Think about and study some of the most visited neighbourhoods in Toronto, like Kensington Market, the distillery, Queen West and learn what makes them so special in order to better design a place that doesnt feel so corporate and glossy.
Supported a comment by Rob Hatton on Engage East Harbour 1 year, 10 months ago
Rob Hatton
While these concerns are appropriate, keep in mind that the residential density is not about creating beautiful spaces - it's about giving the developer $5 b worth of density to sell and about $800m worth of profit (yes an $800m gift! Merry Christmas) that can be realized quickly in the condo market - vs the expected slow uptake for commercial space. Getting back a few meeting spaces and park benches is total chump change - even a contribution to the GO station (how much can a GO station without parking cost, really?) is likely to be peanuts in comparison. The negative impact on traffic will outshine any 'mixed use' development benefits.