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August, 2020

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I think you need to be more creative and non-traditional in how you finance Black-owned businesses. Using traditional credit models to assess the true financial condition of Black entrepreneur is causing lenders to miss out on some real diamonds in the rough. I raised this very issue with Accion, a community lender, when my company was given the highest interest rate they offer. According to them, it was warranted by their "bankruptcy indicator". What actually happened was I'm going to pay off my revolving credit card debt in a month and I will be on track to pay off the one debt which I cannot discharge in bankruptcy...all in the middle of a global pandemic which has wreaked havoc on the GLOBAL economy. Many financial institutions' ability to truly determine who is creditworthy is woefully inadequate, and opportunities to experience economic growth in the communities that many are claiming they are trying to help are profoundly missing the mark.