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July, 2018

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Commented on Main Library Campus 3 years, 11 months ago
Drove past the Historical Museum Renovation the other day and started thinking - What if the Library tried to compliment the museum's exterior? Similar stone finish, style, etc. Then, when the Art Museum is ready for their "face lift" they too can compliment the historical museum. Then, it's not just the library, but the entire area that is a breathtaking "gateway" to the city!
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Commented on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
Not sure what I think of the ultra modern design. Not really what I think when I think of Boise. I'd rather see cozy small town charm, rather than the cold impersonal city we are starting to become. Wood and stone tends to convey that, especially next to the river. Maybe reduce the size of the plaza and incorporate the Cabin. Parking is also an issue. Maybe reduce the building/plaza footprint, make the building a little taller, and have decent on-site parking, as well as additional off-site. Could leave the cabin alone that way too. But, what really concerns me is the future on-going maintenance. Odd roof lines usually lend themselves to ongoing leaks from day one. Large vaulted prices and southern windows often lead to high electricity costs. What I would really like to see is an energy efficient space that takes advantage of our cool nights to cool down the building and maintain that coolness for as long as possible during the day. If you do not have experience maintenance personnel on your board, please do. I'm involved with a building that if we had done that 15 years ago, we would be spending a lot less money now in both electric costs and in repairs. I'd rather more of the library donations and tax monies going towards programming and books, not building maintenance.