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October, 2016

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Commented on Newton Zoning Redesign Project 6 years, 8 months ago
City of Newton, I think it is the nature of a Design Charrette that we don't preset priorities. I attended the Newtonville meeting with the 20 minute table talks and as a architect with some real experience I found that this was more about making people feel like they had input than about real thoughtful dialogue. The parameters that were preset as the limits of the conversation said so much about predetermined ideas it was discouraging even though everyone there had the best of intentions. Years ago Boston had a Washington Street Charrette that required a real time commitment and, while imperfect, was a thoughtful generator of ideas. The current polotical mess with the development on the corner of Washington and Walnut is a simple result of the the city NOT being proactive in it's master planning process which makes development and approval so difficult, time consuming and costly for everyone. If the city really wants more business and tax base and affordable housing and housing and senior housing and housing in general then we need to find those opportunities ahead of time, develop a master plan that solves issues like parking, public transportation, bikes, pedestrians etc. And then incentivize it with preapprovals to make it appealing to developers, while keeping it profitable for the City.
Commented on Newton Zoning Redesign Project 7 years ago
If you're talking about the Hardware Store building I love it as well! And they do have offices on the second floor and I moved my office there a year ago.
Commented on Newton Zoning Redesign Project 7 years ago
Bullough's pond is a wonderful visual amenity that is completely lost from this location due to the overgrown weed trees and deteriorating fencing. A master plan for upgrading this location as well as the river crossing up Walnut by Dexter would be great. I'm sure we could even get community volunteers to work with the city and manage/tend to a designated park area here
Supported a comment by mark Sangiolo on Newton Zoning Redesign Project 7 years ago
mark Sangiolo
Upper Falls Village Center needs a small expansion of new retail/housing near the depot restaurant around a new green space.
upper falls village needs protection from needham street linear center. Consider trading with northland dev. and getting some development control on a piece of the old ivex site next to chestnut st. develop this to a town green with small retail around it.
maybe some music venues/restaurant etc.
Commented on Newton Zoning Redesign Project 7 years, 1 month ago
Washington Street along the pike is a scar running through the city that should be able to present great development and community opportunities. Whether it's parking, green space, retail, bike lanes, or some other unthought of plan there is a great need to reconnect the two sides of Newtonville with each other. A design charrette and coming up with a master plan that pre-approved smart development and that worked in conjunction with Massport would be a great opportunity for growth while improving the pedestrian experience. These kind of places abound and need to be considered preemptively
Supported a comment by katy holmes on Newton Zoning Redesign Project 7 years, 1 month ago
katy holmes
Clean up Bullough's Pond so that it safely freezes in the winter and ice skating could return to the Pond.