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March, 2016

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Commented on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Make the silver line a light rail or subway route from Roxbury to the airport. Commute times in buses are far too long, especially when they wait in traffic with cars!
Supported a comment by Rashmi Sharma on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Rashmi Sharma
Getting to the Seaport area by public transportation is trying. The only line that gets there is the silver line, which can be infrequent and hard to get to itself. With the Children's museum, ICA around the area and new restaurants and bars, better public transportation would make this area more accessible.
Supported a comment by Robin Gaynor on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Robin Gaynor
Modernize and update public transportation, especially the Seaport area.
Supported a comment by dan curtin on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
dan curtin
The Seaport/FPC area is rapidly expanding and developing with new commercial and residential projects. We should use this opportunity to model a transportation infrastructure that is truly 21st century. The City of Boston, along with help from the Commonwealth, should take this opportunity to engage the Seaport community and put them at the top of the priority list. Let's make the Seaport area pedestrian friendly, very walkable and something that we can point to as an example of what can be accomplished when the city, state and local residents can create together.
Followed Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Commented on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
South Boston needs a subway connection to the Red Line. Buses are already overcrowded during rush hour and traffic is a nightmare. The only way to accommodate more growth is to build a new line on the T.