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Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 years ago
When everyone in the pandemic lost the ability to connect as human beings, we relied on technology to carry us forward, but we more heavily relied on the arts. It was our safety blanket. Music, books, Netflix, films, podcasts, drawing, painting. It's what kept us afloat, we would be nothing without it. it is something human beings need, but the very people who are contributing to these experiences are not being heard and are being suppressed. A major way we can bounce back, build back better is making Toronto a place where creative talent can pass through, where we can forge connections with the broader business and tech markets and collaborate in meaningful, silo-busting ways. We need our creative people to move forward as a society, to better our communities, to create areas that Torontonians will love, to make us feel grounded to our home and not secondary. I know you are a large corporation, and I know how these things work but I seriously urge you to do EVERYTHING possible.
Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 years ago
Last thing I am going to say is, we are desperate. I understand businesses, I understand corporations. I am saddened because I truly fear that we will be ignored in favour of capitalism, the trend that is what is ruining cities worldwide. I am not saying some degree of capitalism is normal, but what I am trying to say is that developers historically have been something that creates a lot of untrust in Toronto. Oftentimes, they will capitalise off of an existing artistic neighbourhood where many people love to create, work and visit and their development is what is responsible for pushing out an existing arts community/local businesses in favour of condos that don't even attempt to save the existing tenants. We have seen this in Dovercourt house with that dance centre replaced, we see that in the junction, we see that in the west end where the junction triangle is now pushing out a major circus arts/ artist enclave. It's scary because these types of establishments are what makes Toronto appealing, its what makes me happy walking through the streets, it's a major source of income for the countless of artists living in the city. But now it's changing, and now I can only sit back and watch the city that I grew up in become homogenous, losing the establishments and people that keep me grounded here.
Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 years ago
Often there is a disconnect — leaders assume people just mean public art, but that's not further from the truth. Gallery spaces at the bottom of buildings was something I really strongly support, I think that cultural retail spaces will make people feel happy to work in the place they do. Do remember that it's artists that make neighbourhoods cool. Trying hard to be edgy is not going to work, it will just make East Harbour not 'walk the talk', in the sense that there is all of this public art but no real sense of spirit or people passing through to partake in creative experiences. Ossington strip in Toronto is a good example of what to do. there are local creative shops, boutiques, restaurants and artist studios, the same could be said about the distillery, the junction and most interestingly Kensington Market. In Kensington, you walk around and there are people performing, you have artists coming from far and wide to frequent vintage shops and more underground/local music venues. You really cannot just hide behind the superficial title of saying "Oh we are committing so and so % to artist space" and that is it. It goes beyond that, it is about programming, it is about audiences, it is about attractions. In the distillery for example, it is beautiful architecturally but the reason so many people visit when they come to Toronto is because of the local vendors, the art galleries, the unique history etc.
Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 years ago
Toronto already has a financial district which is boring and soulless. Nobody visiting or living in the downtown core spends time there for good reason. It would be beneficial to have an equivalent of a financial district for the arts sector in Toronto. The city is BOOMING with talent desperately wanting to escape these civic structural barriers. I have so many friends who are dying for space to make their next project or create their own start-up space for indie films. My friend Daniel who is a photographer was just telling me the other day that Toronto is not doing enough as a city to retain the very people who make cities exciting. If we don't have artists, we don't have visitors, we don't attract residents and we don't have a sense of place. I would feel proud of the city I have spent most of my life if you guys listen to us, and really take our dreams seriously. It's a way of life. I hope to be able to say "You know what? East Harbour can be a way forward for us. In the past, we were fighting for resources, space and opportunities to thrive but now we have a new shot, in a completely new part of town. We need you to listen, and we can work *together* to create a place where people want to be! Not everyone will be happy, I get it, but please try.
Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 years ago
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