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November, 2021

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Please keep involving the community. Thank you, and good luck!
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I envision a future peace fountain to appeal to all peoples, from a land or water perspective. A large-sized fountain would maintain its role as a recognizable landmark. I would love to see it "well-lit" at night - the coloured lights over the years have always brought me pure joy. A fountain that allows for "change" in terms of varying design while operating would peak interest, and encourage the values of versatility and adaptability. When I think of a particular shape that means PEACE to me, I think of a circle, and the unity that it symbolizes. Lastly, if there are ways to allow for the fountains operational usage over a broader time-frame (i.e., earlier in spring / later in fall), I feel any attempt to lengthen its season would be a good thing to strive for.
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The civic values that resonate most strongly with me include: - integrity - accountability - honesty - transparency - responsibility - sustainability - courage - initiative - respect - participation - diversity
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Thank you for asking residents of Windsor for feedback. This is Charlotte Loaring - my (Loaring) family lived across the street at 5231 Riverside Drive for over 40 years. My memories span from early childhood (playing hide & seek, tobogganing, picnics, walks, fishing, and watching freighters), to adulthood (running, snowshoeing, kayaking, ice cream, picnics, symphony performances, and tracking real-time freighter stats on our mobile apps). I fondly recall the spray of the peace fountain on my face on windy days. Its coloured lights at night brought true joy and could be seen from quite a distance away. (I LOVED it especially when it turned "deep red". I would wait and wait until I saw "my colour".) The peace fountain was a common meeting spot, a place of calm and beauty, and also one of inspiration and remembrance. More recently, as a motor boat enthusiast, my partner Matt Marchand and I have enjoyed the view of the Peace Fountain from "the water side". Over my lifetime, its presence has signalled the start of spring, approaching winter, and has been a place where I have celebrated many milestones and memorable moments with loved ones. I have hundreds of photographs from over the years. Perhaps my favourite may be of my maternal grandfather who once visited the Peace Fountain from Greece in the late 1970s. As an 11-year imprisoned POW from the WWII/Greek Civil War timeframe, that picture definitely means PEACE to me. May this park always be a draw for all peoples.