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July, 2021

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Several years ago Occidental Arts and Ecology in Sonoma County did a study with several different models of composting toilets in their new guest accomodation buildings. It was done in conjunction with the County. You should check with Sonoma County and see what the results were. These were systems that were for an entire house, and are probably too large to install in any existing buildings in this development. However if you were to build something for the homeless, as Pamela D. suggested, it might be able to be used there.
Sonoma County has also approved grey water systems, simpler, and thus less expensive, forms of septic leech field systems and more. Why is Marin not working with our neighboring county to implement those items here?
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How do we balance the need for the resident’s privacy, the greater Pt Reyes community’s use of the various buildings and amenities, and the curious public’s desire to see this amazing place we will have all created, full of so many wonderful amenities that we and they all want to see and use as well? There are other places around the country that must deal with influxes of people wanting to know and study them. How do they deal with this influx? How do they protect the privacy of those living there? How do they control the use of their spaces so the public doesn’t take over the playground, picnic area, etc, so the locals can’t access their own neighborhood facilities?
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