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Commented on Downtown Springfield TDI 4 years, 3 months ago

Yes, Wayne is correct abouat the PVTA bus, but first you have to get to the bus terminal, by foot or another bus. Shuttle service would make the connection to the River seem more like it's all part of the same thread. 

Supported a comment by Wayne Nelson on Downtown Springfield TDI 4 years, 3 months ago
Wayne Nelson

Dear Barbara, 


   Thanks for your helpful comments about the need for better public transportation to the Riverfront.  I am hoping the proposed downtown shuttle being planned by MGM will provide a more convenient way for residents to get to the downtown Riverfront Park (at the foot of State St.) more easily.  


     I would like to note also that North Riverfront Park, by the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club that you mention, is actually served quite well by the P-20 bus that goes from the downtown bus terminal up to Riverdale St. and the Holyoke Mall, via the North End Bridge.  I believe there are often trips at least every half hour on the weekdays, perhaps less often on the weekends (the buses do end early, though, on Sat. evenings and on Sunday late afternoons).


    Wayne Nelson 

Commented on Downtown Springfield TDI 4 years, 3 months ago
I have talked to Springfield's phenomenal Poet Laureate Maria Luisa Arroyo about this: I would love to see a Poetry Festival in Springfield where several businesses would host readings at the same date/time and the audience would move from place to place to hear local writers of all ages read and recite their works. Readings could take place in some unusual locales as long as all the stops are in walking distance from each other. It's a way to celebrate spoken word performance and to encourage people to go out and explore our streets and sidewalks at the same time. Adding a food component would make it even more fun.
Supported a comment by Dahlas Forgie on Downtown Springfield TDI 4 years, 3 months ago
Dahlas Forgie
I'd like to see more passenger train ( at least one small one, going from springfield, maybe to other cities. people love trains, trains symbolize big cities. lot of more commerce, I understand this would be millions of dollars, but it would a project worth investing. also, I'd like to see an art studio into the downtown area, there are lots of artists in the Springfield, Chicopee, Holyoke areas, ( including myself) who would love to go there and work, and make the city more colorful, art is not something we need to live, but it is one of the things we live for. another idea might be a springfield mall, that will have scenic rooms, where they can see the bustling cite on one side, or the Connecticut river down the other, the mall would be tall, and although it would have stores, it would mostly be there for more tourist attraction to see the city from a high point in the city. but this is just wishful thinking. a small courtyard or picnic area would be nice as well, much like the central park in New York City. if you want to make it as a big city, every big city needs an equally awesome park right in the center of it. lastly, a historic site would be cool as well, I mean Springfield is world famous for basketball, but there's so much more potential for more historical sites and tourist stops. historic looking buildings, streets, signs, shops. the possibilities are endless. I know this is a lot to think about, but Springfield deserves to grow, to be put in the same category as the rest of the world's glorious metropolises. plus these ideas will get Springfield Back to work, employment will skyrocket for the city's residents.
Commented on Downtown Springfield TDI 4 years, 3 months ago
Echoing Aimee's comments about the River - it's not easy to get there! But on June 4 and June 11, Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club is offering FREE Learn to Row / Learn to Paddle events at North Riverfront park. ( And on June 25 the annual Dragon Boat Festival will be there as well.

Paddling in a dragonboat is an especially great activity for active seniors, whether they choose recreatation paddling or a more competitive style. But they need to be able to get there and home again!

Too few people able to enjoy the beauty of the River because transportation is not readily accessible from downtown. It's a discouraging disconnect when Springfield really is a river city.
Supported a comment by Aimee Loiselle on Downtown Springfield TDI 4 years, 3 months ago
Aimee Loiselle

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