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January, 2021

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Supported a comment by Jennifer Arndt on The Beck, Railroad Avenue Redevelopment 5 months ago
Jennifer Arndt
Public art always helps elevate a space. Would love to see something interactive with lights and sounds. Also would love to see a different kind of playground for kids. Maybe something with more natural elements instead of the bright colored plastics and metals.
Supported a comment by Tim N on The Beck, Railroad Avenue Redevelopment 5 months ago
Tim N
Please Mimic Boston’s “Lawn on D”. It gives all towns along the Haverhill Line to enjoy a day in Haverhill rather than Boston. Haverhill Citizens leave the city for entertainment, that needs to change. Having out-dates, musty bars that cannot accommodate more than 100 people is not appealing. Have igloos so the area can be used in the winter and when there’s colder weather. Concrete ping pong tables & cornhole sets. Illuminated ring swing, turf, yard games. Music/DJ. Overhead shack that provides food, beverages (adult beverages included), tv to broadcast sports games. Backdrops for social media photos.
Commented on The Beck, Railroad Avenue Redevelopment 5 months ago
I think they should definitely have something similar to the Lawn on D with ring swings/ igloo spots/outdoor ice skating, along with a little quaint shopping little village a little similar to the “The Shops at Chestnut Hill” and definitely invest in a Trader Joe’s or Whole Food Market, maybe some more banks, along with a skate park and to put a little welcoming center/little museum to welcome people to Haverhill/Bradford. A romantic gazebo by the trail along with a 5 star hotel by the river. Also, to protect the Railroad Trail in Bradford. Instead of going to Boston on the train, why not stop in Bradford for a day or so?