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Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 months ago
coming from London, Uk and echoing the comments below I would care to see more support for arts. I feel like there aren't enough quirky districts in this city that celebrate and promote the creative community. Everything is too bland and polished. A few art exhibits or murals in a neighbourhood doesn't make a district arty. We need communes and retail spaces carved out for these artists, a place post-pandemic that culturally thrives and is in line with Toronto's nightlife action plan as well as other local cultural initiatives. In my hometown a neighbourhood called Shoreditch and spitalfields does this mix of art/cultural district and business/finance very well. Shoreditch has studio spaces and quirky art spaces but has nearby city of London workers (Our version of financial district) coming to these spaces as well as tourists and locals too. Please tell the project team to also take inspiration from Soho in London. It truly is a fun and dynamic place.
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