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September, 2021

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The mall can become a multi-use center to promote sustainability and agricultural education as well as promote local farming by creating a farmer’s market, utilizing the ample space for sustainable farming techniques such as vertical farming and aquaponics farming, and the installation of food shops (stalls and restaurants) to attract business in a self-sustained environment which utilize local products and those from the vertical farms located in the mall. The vertical farm and food businesses can use a portion of its parking lot and the mall’s roof to place solar arrays to provide a portion of its energy needs. Food scraps from the neighboring restaurants in Gwinnett County and those located within the mall as well as discarded product from the farmer’s market can be used to create compost and energy for electricity and heat similar to The Plant (https://www.plantchicago.org/) in Chicago and others. Market research shows vertical farming industry is expected to grow to a value of $3 billion by 2024 and has created high value companies. The promotion of innovative sustainable farming and local farming in this center along with the accompanying farmer’s market and restaurants provide boost to the economy, education, and sustainability.