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December, 2021

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Charlotte Loaring
I envision a future peace fountain to appeal to all peoples, from a land or water perspective. A large-sized fountain would maintain its role as a recognizable landmark. I would love to see it "well-lit" at night - the coloured lights over the years have always brought me pure joy. A fountain that allows for "change" in terms of varying design while operating would peak interest, and encourage the values of versatility and adaptability. When I think of a particular shape that means PEACE to me, I think of a circle, and the unity that it symbolizes. Lastly, if there are ways to allow for the fountains operational usage over a broader time-frame (i.e., earlier in spring / later in fall), I feel any attempt to lengthen its season would be a good thing to strive for.
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Reading that the the region was originally part of the Three Fires Confederacy of First Nations made me think that the fountain could also incorporate fire into it, and in this case, three separate flames to honour this area's heritage. This would of course add to the construction, operating and maintenance costs. Perhaps this could also be accomplished by using lighting to resemble flames to simplify things. I agree that the circular shape should be kept to symbolize unity and continuity. Maybe three tiers or rings of "fire" and water. Not sure that the fountain needs to float, but it could perhaps be built on a structure that sits just below the surface of the water or has a reflecting pool around it, but still kept where it is, surrounded by the river. The original fountain design was simple but it was the water shooting into the air that made it captivating, especially lit up at night. We don't need the Bellagio, but make the water dance.