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July, 2018

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Supported a comment by Brooke O. on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Brooke O.
more shade, more trees, less windows/reflection and a more thoughtful timeless design
Supported a comment by Tammy Bixby on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Tammy Bixby
Thank you for making that clear. This is truly in my opinion the problem we are all having with this particular project. The city is taking too much of a high hand, not allowing real public opinion, not being truly transparent and not acting in good faith to its Community residence nor anybody
Supported a comment by M. Thomas on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
M. Thomas
Well said! This project requires significant funds that the City does not have therefore causing an assumption of debt, and the people should have a vote on if and how to proceed. Bypassing citizen vote in favor of long-term lease financing is not acceptable!
Supported a comment by Alex Jones on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
Alex Jones
Can someone please explain why the city of Boise signed a 45 year lease in 2011 on the property right across 8th St and River St? The library expansion has been on the books since the early 2000s so why did the city give away 1.3 acres to such a long lease? Having this land incorporated into the new library design would alleviate the shoehorn effect and allow space for parking, preservation of the Cabin and the important riparian habitat along the Boise River. This whole library plan needs to go back to the drawing board, because, in spite of the current political climate, use of public funds requires public input and approval. That means open discussion, cost analyses and a public vote on the project. CCDC is not the entity that gets to make up the rules as it goes along anymore.
Supported a comment by M. Thomas on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
M. Thomas
I would like to see a detailed breakdown of the $85 million proposed budget including how much has already been spent on the project; costs of renovation versus demolition; full disclosure of the architectural services selection process including financials; and transparent and complete breakdown of funding (including clarification of the $46.8 million from Tax Support and $22.2 million from Partnerships/Donations listed on p. 187 of the FY2019 City Budget). In the concept presentation to City Council in December 2017, a line item of $4.1 million for renovation of the existing warehouse was included as part of an overall proposed budget of $63.7 million that included $10.5 million for a parking garage and $10.7 million for event space & equipment. Nothing was mentioned about The Cabin at that point. How did that jump to complete demolition and an $80-85 million budget plus a separately funded parking garage?
Supported a comment by J Crowe on Main Library Campus 3 years, 1 month ago
J Crowe
this building is beautiful but can but can Boise/Boise citizens afford it? On top of the current projected costs, has the city considered the cost of affordable parking for citizens? Has the city considered projected maintenance/utility costs for a south facing wall of windows in our desert climate? And has the City considered the cost of moving the Cabin which is all about the history of our community?