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Supported a comment by Johnie Thompson on Main Library Campus 2 years, 11 months ago
Johnie Thompson
We are being "steamrolled! We elect them to represent us & give careful consideration to what we want & then we get what they or someone else in city government tells them they want. The answer is to VOTE for some one that WILL represent us!
Supported a comment by Gary Zimmerman on Main Library Campus 2 years, 11 months ago
Gary Zimmerman
Thank you. I am also very tired of the city's intentionally misleading comments that do not typically address the posted concern, and add only positives to the city's position. I feel steamrolled by those City responses.
Supported a comment by Diane Plastino Graves on Main Library Campus 2 years, 11 months ago
Diane Plastino Graves
I was at that meeting November 27, 2018. There was no “review” or “careful consideration” of those 322 comments. City staff just mentioned it, —and mentioned that 60% of the commenters wanted the cabin to stay in its current location. The Council spent more time discussing the depth of the sewer line near one of the proposed locations in Julia Davis Park than they ever did discussing those comments. In fact, there was absolutely no discussion of the comments. I’m very tired of the city selectively advising the public of information that supports the Mayor and Council’s decisions which don’t reflect a large majority of the opinions submitted to the city by the public. It is a misrepresentation of the facts.
Supported a comment by M. Thomas on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
M. Thomas
Well said! If city leaders were truly invested in maintaining the Cabin's historic designation, there would be no talk of relocating or even encroaching on the Cabin's current space. This entire library campus proposal is out of balance.
Supported a comment by Christine King on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Christine King
If the city had been concerned about "balancing the needs of . . . the greater community good", we would have been presented with options BEFORE this plan had been unveiled. The city would have known costs to relocate the cabin in order to still be used by The Cabin would be closer to twice the amount the city originally pitched. You are correct that this proposal is out of balance--it is all about glossy magazines touting Boise as the nation's convention destination and Bieter's ego. Exactly why the baseball stadium was originally planned so close to downtown rather than the more manageable location now being considered.
Commented on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
What about the basement? Will it be preserved?