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September, 2020

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I would support this if it was a real promise for rents that are truly and permanently affordable for all residents, not just rich kids.
Supported a comment by Bob Din on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Bob Din
I've been living in Astoria for 9 years, its a community that I've grown to love. There are many things that keeps me here (originally from BK), but its progressive residents keep me here. I believe this development can benefit everyone in the community especially those who live west of 21st Ave. Silverstein Properties must commit to helping this undeserved population break the cycle of poverty. I hope the intent is to produce a public private partnership with Astoria's local community based organization that have been doing great work. Anything short of this, will be a false promise. For now you have my support. Bob
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Willieme Williams
I think this is a great idea if the affordable housing but is actually real
Supported a comment by Smitty McGiver on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Smitty McGiver
There are already 3 really good Spanish restaurants within 30 seconds walk of the proposed project: - El Mero Mero on the corner of 36 Ave and 38 St - Cafe Ole on 36 Ave between 38 St and Steinway - La Choza Del Gorda at the intersection of 36 Ave and Northern Blvd In addition you have the semi famous Arepas Cafe on 36 Ave between 33rd and 34th streets which is a 3 minute walk from the proposed project. While I'm all for good Spanish restaurants we already have some fantastic choices which I wouldn't want to see squeezed out by newcomers. I kind of think the developers owe it to the community to make sure that existing small businesses are not squeezed out by having the leasing office cognizant of what already exists in the immediate neighborhood and trying to fill in with businesses that don't exist right now.
Supported a comment by Smitty McGiver on Innovation QNS 2 years, 11 months ago
Smitty McGiver
Have you ever visited the neighborhood? There are at least 6 Spanish restaurants on 36 Ave between Northern Blvd and the subway on 31 St. They range from Spanish(Spain) to Venezuelan, Columbian, and Ecuadorian and from simple and less expensive to somewhat elegant and fairly expensive. Some are within 30 seconds walk from the proposed innovation qns project. I invite you to visit the neighborhood next time you are in town.